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The Virtual Textbook

Many years ago I attended a course delivered by Michael Bawtree in which I learnt how to program Excel to do wonderful things. I spent many a happy hour creating programs of my own. The Virtual Textbook is an amazing collection of spreadsheets for use on an interactive whiteboard which really enhanced teaching and learning. Remarkably the spreadsheets do not appear anything like you imagine a spreadsheet to look.

The programs are not intended for students to use alone but for the teacher to use with students, on an interactive white board, in order to generate discussion, unearth misconceptions, aid explanation, as quick fire starters or as part of a plenary to assess learning.

The programs use macros, so to make them work macros have to be enabled on your machine, and were written a while ago, so you may have to zoom in and out a bit to make them fit your screen as intended.

The great news is that the Virtual Textbook is coming to the National STEM Centre eLibrary for you to use. A huge collection for secondary mathematics is now available, with more to come for Primary and A level mathematics.

There are so many to programs to choose from it is hard to recommend a favourite. Please use the programs, rate them, comment on them, and then reply to this post telling others which work well in the classroom.


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Very much looking foward to seeing this resource appear. Many years ago I attended an Excel course for maths teachers and came away knowing that conditional formatting was going to transform my teaching. I have no idea who led the day, but it was inspirational.




Very pleased to see this.  I have, and still use TVT in my classroom teaching.  Recently, I found the macros won't work, something about the version of Excel or windows - happened in the last two schools I've worked in.  I hoped that the downloaded files from STEM site might be a way round this but they suffer the same fate.  Any ideas on how to get around this?

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