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Feedback to calculator manufacturers: a new approach

I've now removed my previous calculator test reports from this group because I've found a better place to send them. ... Oh, dear, that sounds awful ... but please bear with me:

Recently I got in touch with a major UK distributor of calculators. This distributor is so far finding my test reports interesting and helpful. By my sending the reports to them, they can forward them to calculator manufacturers via their normal - commercially confidential - business channels. The plan is to keep on testing the top-end school-level devices from the major manufacturers, occasionally comparing them with top-end professional-level devices. Doing things that way gives the manufacturers information that will help them progressively to improve their devices.

Meanwhile, if anyone here has noted any oddities of calculator function that they'd like me to investigate, please shy the suggestions my way. I'll see if I can devise suitable tests, and then I'll send the results on via the distributor to wherever they will be found most useful. From time to time I will publish here anonymised reports of various technical quirks and foibles of the devices that I'm testing. They will appear under the title of De Comoediae Calculatorum - On the Comedy of Calculators.

Occcasionally, the results of tests showing very poor behaviour will be posted under the title De Perfidiae Calculatorum - On the Perfidy of Calculators.


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Olwen Morgan

Results from three cheap unbranded calculators:

Let's call the tested devices "CheapCalc", CrassCalc" and "DrossCalc". Here are the results of a simple test on each of them:


CheapCalc: an unbranded device sold by a major UK supermarket chain:

After keying-in 100 [+] 3 [Shift] [%] [=] the answer is 100.03. Here precent is treated as a postfix unary operator that divides its operand by 100.


CrassCalc: an unbranded device sold by a major UK retail chain:

After keying-in 100 [+] 3 [Shift] [%] the answer is 3433.333333.


DrossCalc: an unbranded device sold by another major UK retail chain:

After keying-in 100 [+] 3 [Shift] [%] the answer is 3433.333333


As the late and much missed Ancient Greeks might have written:

omega, theta, phi ... ?


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