Computing on a budget CH262 / I04

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1 Jul 22
1 Day
Peterborough Marriott Hotel, Peterborough Business Park, Lynch Wood PE2 6GB View on Google Map


This course aims to support teachers and subject leads in providing the best computing experience for all children by using existing devices and equipment in school. You will identify any existing barriers to teaching computing within your setting and explore ways to overcome these and develop strategies for ensuring effective teaching of computing. As well as considering different pedagogical approaches to computing delivery and how pupils learn computing skills. You will explore activities to teach computing without equipment and strategies for teaching with a limited amount of equipment. You will also find out about the physical computing kits that may be loaned from the Computing Hubs and how to use the devices available to teach relevant topics.

Who is it for?

Primary Computing Leaders, Classroom Teachers

What topics are covered?

  • Session 1 Understanding and Managing equipment within the subject – identify barriers to teaching computing. Recognise which parts of the National Curriculum rely on equipment and which can be approached without. Reflect upon equipment within your school setting and audit what is needed
  • Session 2 Making the most of what you have! – understand the difference between offline and unplugged activities and their places within the curriculum. Consider different pedagogical approaches to computing delivery and how pupils learn computing skills. Explore activities to teach computing without equipment. Develop strategies to teach computing with a limited amount of equipment.
  • Session 3 Physical Equipment with a purpose – develop strategies for cross curricular projects linking computing. Explore activities using physical computing kits that can be loaned for free.
  • Session 4 What next for my school? – develop strategies for teaching computing effectively using what you have in school. Explore opportunities to overcome the lack of equipment in school. Understand the importance of choosing technology that can be maximised across the curriculum.

How will you learn?

This is a blended course, part in-person face-to-face and part remotely facilitated online.

How long is this course?

The 4 sessions and short task are the equivalent of one day of CPD

Who is the course leader?


By the end of this course you will be able to:
• recognise barriers in class/school to teaching computing
• maximise learning in your school setting using what you already have whilst ensuring NC computing objectives are met
• overcome barriers to teaching computing in school due to lack of equipment
• apply a selection of ready-to-apply activities, and techniques to support the teaching of
computing for different year groups


2 Computing on a budget01 July 202210:00-11:30Peterborough Marriott Hotel
3 Computing on a budget01 July 202211:30-13:00Peterborough Marriott Hotel
4 Computing on a budget01 July 202213:30-14:30Peterborough Marriott Hotel
1 Computing on a budget01 July 202214:30-15:50Peterborough Marriott Hotel

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