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ABPI careers advice resources

A set of resources that can be used by career advisers, science teachers and parents to help give guidance to students about subject choices suitable for pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical industry.

Getting experience - Recruiters usually look for people to have had some exposure to the type of job they are applying for. There are a variety of ways in which students can gain experience of what it is like to work in the pharmaceutical industry.

Which subject or degree? - This chart shows how subjects studied at school, college or university link to the various research fields and business areas within the pharmaceutical industry.

Studying chemistry - Looking at the importance of chemistry to the pharmaceutical industry and the key role of chemists from the early exhilarating stages of discovery to the large-scale manufacture of medicines.

Studying for a biology degree - Looking at the importance of biology to the Pharmaceutical Industry and the important role biologists play in the discovery of new medicines.

Choices during my degree - advice on ensuring that students gain a good grounding in their subject, choosing the right modules and deciding whether to take a year out in an industrial placement.

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