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KS3, 4 & 5 Hands-On Workshops In Schools

Make Learning Fun & The Complex Simple

Architecture Workshops have been running hands-on cross-curricular workshops, in schools for all Key stages and Abilities since 1996. Our workshops experiences are the best your students are ever likley to be involved in and something that will stay with them throughout their educational life. All the workshops involve STEM subjects to different degrees, challenging, enthralling and educating in equal measure. The materials we use are simple, just dowel and rubber bands with which we instruct the students to fashion many varied and wonderous building models, structures and sculptures. Utilising problem solving, teamwork and resilience students build their self esteem, as the structures grow.

Expected outcomes

The workshops are divided into 3 categories:
History & Humaniy workshops are focused topic learning. Presenter led pupils work individually in teams and altogether to create huge models of significant pices of architecture or structures; eg Egyptian Pyramid; Mayan Temple; Greek Parthenon; Tudor Globe Theatre; Victorian Crystal Palace; Taj Mahal; Dome of The Rock; Ely Cathedral. Workshops are 90 - 120 minutes with 30 / 40 students respectively.
STEM workshops, are presenter led, but contain significantly more Science, Maths and Engineering and problem solving, including all our Fairground rides; Ferris Wheel; Roller Coaster and Helter Skelter. Geodesic Structures, Stadium Structures. Workshops are 60 - 120 minutes with 30 / 40 students respectively.

STEAM workshops are Design & Make exercises involving a Teamwork, Creativity and Self Analysis as well as containing all elements of STEAM These include Art & Sculpture; Bridges, Maths & Design; Habitat & Shelters; Skyscrapers; Olympic Sculptures and are perfect challenge oportunities. These workshops are particularly good to promote Problem Solving, Teamwork and Creativity. Workshops are 90 - 120 minutes with 30 / 40 students respectively.

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