Practical Physics Workshop

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Practical Physics will help young people understand basic principles of physics as they test their speed, strength and reactions on four pieces of cutting edge sports testing equipment. A worksheet will allow learners to record their scores and challenge them with relevant problems.

A session which takes science into the gym – using radar, reaction boards, WATT bikes and photo electric timing to demonstrate basic physics principles, allowing the students to have fun, fill in data on worksheets and answer simple questions at the end of the session, which lasts approximately one hour , but can be tailored to fit into a school lesson. The session can be adjusted to meet the requirements of Yr 5 through to Yr 11, for a class sized group of  students (30) at a time. If needed the topic can be altered to cover Biology or Chemistry for KS4 students.

Expected outcomes
  • > Mental preparation
    > Principles of physics
    > Creative ideas
    > Personal target setting
    > Communications
To book this activity, please contact:
Mike Ridler

49 Kepler
Lichfield Industrial Estate
B79 7XE TAMWORTH Staffordshire

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