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TeenTech CIC

TeenTech City of Tomorrow asks three key questions, how will we live, work and play in the future? Young people construct buildings for their cities while exploring key concepts and expressing their individual and collective vision for the future. They are supported in the classroom and at regional ‘showcase’ events by experts from industry who highlight the career opportunities across the ‘smart’ cities of the future. We ask young people to consider the world they want to live in, paying attention to both physical and virtual spaces and interactions through the Internet of Things.

Working with industry experts, this project encourages students to develop an understanding of how engineering and technology shapes the world in which they live and highlights the career opportunities for them to play pivotal and rewarding roles. Within the programme there are opportunities for older students, typically Year 9/10/11 to volunteer to support the activity, acting as near peer role models. Feedback shows both students and teachers gain a much deeper understanding of previously ‘invisible’ careers.

We provide schools with a complete set of resources, presentations and films and connect them with ambassadors from industry. The resources highlight different roles in The “City of Tomorrow’ from acoustic engineer to software designer to environmental scientist and pre-briefed ambassadors from science, engineering and technology companies work alongside the teams of young people in the classroom and at the TeenTech City national celebration. The local celebration events involve parents and provide an opportunity for them to connect with STEM ambassadors to understand more about future career pathways for their children.

Schools should register here to receive a Teacher Pack and full resources to lead the activity in your school or as a hub secondary with feeder primaries.The final showcase for 2018 will be held at  The Emirates Stadium,London on April 30th 2018







Expected outcomes

Increased awareness of 'invisible' careersin science,technology and engineering

Develops teamwork ,leadership skills

Develops programming skills

Opportunity to work with industry mentors from engineering ,technology and construction

Powerful transition activity

To book this activity, please contact:
Anna Sheard

Dalton House
60 Windsor Avenue
SW19 2RR London

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