Opportunities to Tender

UK CanSat Competition - rocket provider required to provide launch capabilities for student events 

STEM Learning Ltd is seeking a rocket launch provider to organise and carry out small rocket launch events for the UK CanSat Competition 2022-23. Around 5 regional launches will be required across the UK in March 2023, and one final launch event in Yorkshire in April 2023. 

The CanSat Competition is a European Space Agency competition hosted in the UK by ESERO-UK (the European Space Education Resource Office UK), which is a part of STEM Learning. It provides students with the opportunity to have practical experience working on a small-scale space project. They are tasked with designing and building their own simulation of a real satellite, integrated within the volume and shape of a soft drinks can. After building their CanSat teams will be invited to launch events across the UK to launch by small rocket. 

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CyberCenturion IX training and support

STEM Learning Ltd is seeking a provider to deliver training and technical support to teams and mentors taking part in this year's CyberCenturion competition. The provider will support the recruitment of mentors and provide online training to both mentors and registered Team Leaders at the beginning of the 22/23 academic year. The provider will remotely support teams during live competition rounds over three weekends during the Autumn 22/23 term. Find out more here.