The Solar Spark

The Solar Spark educational resources are produced by the SUPERGEN Excitonic Solar Cells Consortium. This is a group of research scientists from eight UK universities working together to do scientific research on Excitonic Solar Cells. Researchers work in the areas of polymer solar cells, dye-sensitised solar cells and tandem cells. They explore lots of relevant chemistry, physics and engineering behind the structure and design of these cells. The educational resources in this collection include practical activities that illustrate how solar photovoltaic cells work, future applications and the need for sustainable energy.



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Plastic from Milk

Produced by Solar Spark, this activity allows students to make their own plastic from vinegar and milk. Milk contains casein in a form that is soluble in water. Making the milk acidic by adding vinegar makes the casein insoluble so the milk separates into a solid and a liquid known as curds and whey. Removing the...

Tyndall Effect: Red Sky at Night

Produced by Solar Spark, this simple activity helps to answer the simple, yet complex question: Why is the sky blue and the sunset red? It's all to do with light scattering and the Tyndall Effect and can be easily demonstrated using a suspension of milk in water.

Milk particles suspended in the water cause...