International day of women and girls in science - 11th February 2022

This collection of resources have been collated to support the United Nations International day of women and girls in science which recognises the critical role women play in science and technology, and promotes full and equal access and participation in STEM subjects for women and girls.

The first items in the collection give case studies of women who have been successful in the world of science, technology and engineering.  The 'Inspiring Scientists' from the Royal Society and the 'Born to engineer' collections include some excellent female role models to highlight the many career opportunities available.  The second part of the collection includes ideas on how to challenge gender stereotyping in the classroom.



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Born to Engineer

In response to the shortage of trained engineers, the ERA Foundation launched Born to Engineer, a campaign to inspire young people to become the engineers of the future. At the heart of the campaign is a series of high quality short films, each featuring an engineer with an inspiring story. The Born to Engineer...

Inspiring Scientists is a series of resources to help develop students’ understanding and awareness of science and the diversity of scientists. The resources showcase the life stories of British scientists with minority ethnic heritage and covers issues such as being a minority in science, influences in their...

STEM Club support: diversity

This activity challenges stereotypes by asking students to draw and describe an engineer and then requiring them to explain their drawings together with discussing stereotypes. There are career profiles and further activities for teachers to pursue with their students.

Darwin's Women

This film, from the University of Cambridge, explores the emergence of women scientists in the Victorian era, and Darwin’s role in helping them to achieve some level of prominence despite the social constraints of the time.

The Darwin Correspondence Project is researching Charles Darwin's letters and has...


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