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Forces and Air Resistance

Aimed at Key Stage Two this resource, produced by Rolls-Royce contains five activities related to the topic area of forces. Children look at friction, how the force of air resistance affects moving objects, pushing and pulling and directions in which forces act. Each activity includes worksheets and teacher guidance. The activities are: 

Air Resistance Investigation - This investigation asks children to consider what changes they can make to increase the amount of air resistance they feel when running across the playground with a large sheet of a card.

Forces and Air Resistance - Looking at pictures children are asked to use arrows to show the direction and size of the forces acting upon objects. Includes looking at the forces acting upon a plane in flight.

Balloon Rocket - This investigation asks children to consider changes to a balloon rocket: how the force pushing the rocket could be increased or ways in which the force of friction or the force of gravity acting on the rocket could be changed.

Turbine Windmill - In this investigation children consider changes they could make to a turbine windmill to increase the speed at which it turns.

Balloon Buggy Investigation - Children build a balloon buggy and consider changes that would affect how far it goes. They then decide on one idea to investigate.

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