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Super stairs

Act 1

A person is shown exercising by walking up stairs. In...

Shipping routes

Act 1

Two ships set off from different ports at the same...

Pixel pattern

Act 1

A video clip shows the growth of a pattern created...

Bet your coffee

Act 1

A loyalty card for a coffee shop is shown. For every...

Money Duck

Act 1

A ‘Money Duck’ is a bar of soap in the shape of a...

Yellow Starbursts

Act 1

A video shows two packages of Starbursts being opened...


Act 1

An animation shows a volcano erupting and the spread...


Act 1

A square and circle are shown. Initially the square...

Penny circle

Act 1

A small circle is shown being filled with penny coins...

'Lucky Cow' cheese

Act 1

A video is shown of two bagels being toasted. A piece...

Coin carpet

Act 1

A room is shown that has been carpeted using coins....

Pizza doubler

Act 1

An image is shown of a pizza slice. There are two...

You pour, I choose

Act 1

A video shows soda drink being poured into two...

Car caravan

Act 1

A picture is shown of a circle filled with toy cars. How many cars are shown in the picture?

Act 2

Further information is given about the dimension of the circle. Another picture shows a model car placed at the side of a penny. A final piece of information gives the price of a toy car. ...

Pokémon Go cheat

Act 1

A game of Pokémon instructs the player to walk to...


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