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A series of booklets highlighting children’s ideas and misconceptions in science topics. Great to look at before teaching a new topic. Find a topic that you will be teaching soon and look at the examples of children’s ideas on the topic. When planning your lesson bear in mind that some children may hold these ideas...

Arnold Junior Maths consists of four stages which correspond approximately to the four years of junior education.  The mathematical content of the scheme has been arranged under topic headings.

Prime science

This American series aimed at the equivalent of key stage 2 is designed to give every student the opportunity to develop scientific literacy to a world class standard.

This series is designed to teach the thinking skills that students need in order to progress and succeed in carrying out practical investigations in science.  Each book contains both non-practical and practical sessions.

There are many misconceptions in the understanding of mathematics which ultimately give rise to errors. Resources addressing eight of the most commonly found are included in this collection. Each resource contains an explanation of how the misconception arises so easily, together with some exercises aimed at...

Target mathematics

A primary mathematics series from the 1980s which covered all the basics.

Target maths

A series of books for use in years 3, 4, 5 and 6.  The books provided full coverage of the of the then-current requirements of the National Numeracy Strategy at key stage 2.

The books provided:

* Comprehensive coverage of all aspects of the curriculum

* Clear explanations and worked examples...

Improving Primary Mathematics (IPM) is based on practice from the most successful countries in Europe.  

Folens Maths Programme is a series ranging from Pre-School through to Year 9. Reception File for the Autumn Term provides daily lesson plans for every lesson in the term including:...

Folen's science

Folens Science is a complete programme for teaching Science to children from the Reception year to the end of Key Stage 2. It is fully planned and easy to use, requiring minimal extra preparation by the teacher.

HBJ mathematics

HBJ Mathematics addresses the curriculum in an unique way:

It presents mathematics through a thematic approach.

The mathematics is set in a familiar context.

It highlights cross-curricular opportunities.

The work is activity-based, with students being asked to respond to challenges and...

A photocopiable series of differentiated resource books containing follow-up and reinforcement work for all the main topic areas of the Science National Curriculum at levels 1 - 3 in the first 3...

Each book in this series provides an introduction to an aspect of the natural or scientific world, with lots of information to help answer children's questions about the world around them....

QED Solar System

What are stars made of? Where do they come from? What surrounds them in our Solar System? Learn all about the planets and stars with this series from QED. Through straightforward sentence...

Question of maths

A Question of Math uses a recurring cast of young, multi-ethnic characters along with a mathematical creature called Digit to introduce young readers to fundamental math concepts -- including subtraction, division, multiplication, addition, counting, and measuring -- that they can find at school, play, and home....


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